Hurricane Sandy, Power, and God

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving behind her trail of devastation and destruction. The New York and New Jersey shores have seen the worst in decades. Homes destroyed. Numerous deaths reported. Cars lost. Gas supplies declined. And the electric power, that which we have grown so fond of and depended on, failed. In many ways, people were powerless literally, and they felt powerless figuratively.

As one of the preparations for Hurricane Sandy, electrical line workers were flown in 

Imageand drove in from distances to help cities, townships, and power so that our necessities of heat, food, and water, and our conveniences of TV, lights, and web access may be returned to us. These line workers literally have spent 14-20 hour days working hard to bring our lives back to “normal.” neighborhoods restore 

In some manners, Jesus was like that line worker. Sin had disconnected us from the Father. We were powerless and in need, but we could not connect to the Power ourselves. Sure, we set up generators, temporary solutions that needed to be constantly replenished with gas to work, but this temporary solution was just that…temporary. We needed a real fix to the problem. We needed to be reconnected to our Power, to our heavenly Father. So Jesus sacrificed His life, so that through Him, we might be connected to the Father forever. And yes, even He was ridiculed and persecuted for doing what He came to do, even when it was in the people’s (our) best interest.
Believers have been chosen to bring attention to this. We are called to help people put aside their temporary solutions from life’s struggles and to ask Jesus the Line Worker to connect them to God.  At times, we may even hear the complaints, ridicule, and even receive persecution for their perceived thoughts of us. As unpleasant as that is, that is what we are chosen to do.  This connection with God, through the sacrificial work of the Son, will satisfy our deepest and greatest needs.
If you are not connected to the Father, ask Jesus to forgive you from your sin (that which disconnected you from Him), believe that Jesus connects you to the Father through His death on the cross and resurrection, and now live with the Power of the Lord. The power to change, the power to withstand temptation, the power to live life to the fullest, and the eternal connection to Him are only a decision away. How easy it is to call your electrical supplier to let them know you need them. Now, will you call upon the Lord and tell Him that you need Him? 

The Power of a Godly Marriage

Growing up, I used to watch the cartoon TV show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  In this cartoon, a muscular prince who made Arnold Shwartzenegger look  puny would still never be strong enough to take on the evil powers of Skeletor….until, that is, he would grip his magical sword, hold it above his head and yell “I HAVE THE POWER!”  All of a sudden he would lose his shirt, have a different outfit, and the muscles that he already had would actually gain strength.  He became He-Man!!  It was only then that he could defeat the evil that attacked him and the land.

As we continue the series of Building a Godly Marriage and using the analogy of building a house, the next step after building the foundation, the frame, and the plumbing is to install the electrical work.  The electrical wires are responsible for carrying the power to various parts of the house.  But even with all the electrical work in place, the wires, outlets, and switches are completely useless unless it is connected to the power.  It is like the prince’s muscles.  Unless he takes hold of the sword and uses it and claims its power, he cannot defeat the evil.  Unless we as husbands or wives are connected to the power, to Christ, we will be using our own strength, and our own strength will be insufficient to make a successful marriage.

Most homeowners know what it’s like to be in a home with a power outage.  A few years ago we lost power for about 5 days.  The cause of the power outage was ice buildup from freezing rain.  We could not shower, or use the toilets.  We lost our electrical heat and used candlelight for the evenings.  We would go outside and get a bunch of snow to melt on our oil stove for water.  It was difficult, to say the least.  In marriage, the cause for a power outage does not come from outside, but from within.  The power outage and disconnect often comes from guilt, shame, and anger before God.  It is knowing that you are guilty of sinning and have not sought forgiveness from God (or not accepted this forgiveness).  It is being angry at God for allowing such a person and these difficult circumstances or relationship into your life.  These things cause you to be disconnected from Him.  Prayers become less and less, hope becomes distant, devotion time becomes replaced with doing other stuff, and any church attendance becomes meaningless.  A disconnect.  A power outage in your life and marriage.

If we are to succeed in marriages and have a marriage that is fulfilling and God-honoring, we must remain connected to the Source, we must raise our swords (The Word of God) high in our lives and pray for strength from the Giver of Strength.  For those who believe, we have been given the Holy Spirit who resides within us and it is this Spirit which gives us the power to give honor when we are not loved and the power to love even when we are not respected and honored.  The same spirit who rose Christ from the dead is the same spirit that is inside of you.  It is the same spirit that can raise a dead marriage and bring it back to life.  Do you believe this?

The Bible talks about being connected to Him in Psalm 1.  David used the terminology of being a tree being planted by the streams of water whose roots are constantly fed by the streams water.  It is this tree that bears good fruit.  Friends, let us be mindful of our relationships with God and remain connected with Him, no matter what the circumstances.  Let’s be honest about where we stand with Him, remove all obstacles that prevent intimacy with Him, and by His power, work hard and persevere in building a Godly marriage.  It is only by His power and strength that we can have lives and marriages that bring Him glory.