Foundations’ Top 5 Blogs of 2019

It’s hard to believe the 20teens are officially over and a new decade has begun. Welcome to 2020! It has been great to write Foundations’ blogs over the past 5 years and we are pleased to continue to see a steady growth! If you’ve been a reader of our blog, thank you so much for checking out our resource! We hope it’s been helpful in your journey!

                Views            Visitors

2017 –      7,201                 3,867

2018 –     15,306                7,813

2019 –     19,940              10, 635

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So, without further ado… here are


Foundations Top 5 Most Read Blogs in 2019


#5. When You Are Disappointed in Your Spouse

We all get disappointed with our spouses at times. Is this disappointment because of their actions, or our expectations? This is one of the blogs in the “Dealing with Disappointment” series.

#4. The Black-and-White Thinking Christian

This blog title became the main title of my first book. Yes, Christians can be black-and-white thinkers. In fact, we think in black-and-white because we reflect God, who thinks in black-and-white. This particular blog is about living out our faith as black-and-white thinking Christians.

#3. I’m Just Not Motivated!

Some people are naturally motivated, while others, like myself, often struggle with motivation. Recognizing that fear and love are the two greatest motivators, readers are encouraged to allow love to be their motivating force.

#2. When You are Disappointed in Yourself

Who doesn’t get disappointed in themselves? Wherever we go, the one person we will always have to deal with is ourselves. And we let ourselves down plenty. Readers are encouraged to view themselves through the eyes of God, and not through the lens of performance and failure. This is another blog in the “Dealing with Disappointment” series.

#1. Black-and-White Thinkers vs Relational Thinkers (an Introduction)

And the number one most read blog in 2019 is the explanation between the two different types of thinkers: Black-and-white thinkers and relational thinkers. Created in His Image, we reflect different aspects of God. Some reflect more of His black-and-white thinking side, where they process and interpret conversations, events, and other things through a moral lens (right vs wrong, good vs. bad, all vs nothing). Others reflect His relational side and interpret conversations, events, and other things through a relational lens, showing concern for the person, their emotions, and relationship. This blog is the first in the black-and-white thinking Christian blog series which was later expanded into the book, The Black-and-White Thinking Christian.


We at Foundations are grateful for the opportunity to provide some written counsel through our blogs. We hope our blogs encourage your faith, engage your minds, & help you to examine your heart to become more like Christ. Be blessed!