The Black-and-White Thinking Christian Book Now Published

We’re excited to announce the release of BWT_Kindle_CoverFoundations Christian Counseling Services’ Director Fred Jacoby’s new book, The Black-and-White Thinking Christian. 

You might be a black-and-white thinker if you think concretely, if emotions are difficult to grasp, if you struggle with compassion or empathy, if you are a perfectionist, and if you think everything is all or nothing, right or wrong, or good or bad. Or perhaps you love a black – and – white thinker.

The Black-and-White Thinking Christian explores the characteristics of these types of thinkers through a biblical lens. While they reflect God’s character as emphasized in the Old Testament, many tend to struggle with relationships as
they perceive and prioritize situations differently. The Black-and-White Thinking Christian provides useful insights to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of black-and-white thinkers, and provides practical suggestions for Christ-like growth and change.

Topic’s Include: Black-and-White Thinking vs Relational Thinking;  Black-and-White
Thinking Through a Biblical Lens; Differences Between Men and Women; Marriage and the Black-and-White Thinker;  Emotions; Anxiety and Depression;  Leadership; & Becoming Like Christ