A Poem: Dependence



To be dependent & needy, is there any worse thing

than to be incapable of handling most everything.

I know that I should do all that I can

because that is what defines the measure of a man.

To be self-reliant and live on my own…

To spend my money or to take out a loan…

To pay it all back or give to the poor

because they all need help from those who have more.

But sooner than later the tables all turned

I can no longer do things I had once learned.

My body’s grown weak. I barely can stand.

I’m forced to redefine the measure of a man.

Ashamed of myself I can no longer be

a motivated, grateful, self-reliant me.

How could life come down to all this?

Frustration and pain, I’m in the Abyss.

Yet what good does it do to question my God

or beat myself with this iron-heavy rod?

When I pity myself I get only worse

and place myself in center, in first.

The reason for being has always been to love

This has been our gift from our God above.

So if I am here to help others to care

My existence, at least, is simply to be there

To give opportunities for others to reach out

and see beyond themselves, beyond their doubts

I am, after all, not only my own

But am here to be used by the Living Stone

If my dependence alone helps others to love

than I hope they succeed by His strength above.

I pray that I can go through all of this well

give glory to God and give thanks in this hell.

May I encourage you as I play this Job role

It’s the least I can do for this life, to Him, I owe.

Author: Fred Jacoby