Grace For the Broken: Gossip

“Go. Ssssip” said the serpent…  (see what I did  there?   OK.  Just checking.)

Pastor Matt Mitchell is one of our speakers at the Grace for the Broken Biblical Counseling Conference on March 29, 2014 in the Poconos.  He will be speaking on the dangers of gossip within the church and our lives, and the grace to overcome it.  His book, Resisting Gossip, can be purchased at Amazon,  the Westminster Bookstore, or at the conference.

The following is my review as stated on Amazon:

Gossip is present everywhere. Even in the church. Unless we get a hold of our tongues, search our hearts, and confess before God, we will fall prey to it. All of us. Matt does a great job describing gossip, sharing Scriptures that speak about gossip, and what to do when you are tempted to gossip, listen to gossip or when you are gossiped about. He humbly approaches gossip as a fellow sufferer and sinner and as one who is tempted. This book is great for small groups, church leadership, and for those who struggle with gossip and who have been gossiped about. As a pastor, I’ve found it helpful in personal counseling and in training for those in conflicts within the congregation. Thumbs up, Matt!

Check out Matt’s video below!