Father’s Day Worship

ImageIn college I was pressured to declare a major.  What did I want to do with my life?  I had no idea.  I took a course called “Interpersonal Relationships” and while taking it, my heart jumped as I soaked in every minute of the course (minus the tests, of course).  Shortly after, I declared my major to be Family Studies.  What was the rationale behind this?

I enjoyed the class and I had learned how to make better relationships.  This course helped me get what I really wanted.  It helped me have good relationships… so that people would like me.  Of course, it is only natural that I declare Family Studies to be my major as, I thought to myself, “I want to be a good husband and father.”  Why was this important?  So that my wife would one day say, “You’re the best husband ever” and then my kids would say, “Dad, you’re the best.”  What did I really want?  I wanted their worship.

I thank God that He revealed these sinful motives of my heart throughout the course of my walk with Him.  There is no one worthy of our worship than the Father above.  In my pride and arrogance, I was determined to take what I did not deserve.  Yet now, more than anything, I hope my children and wife worship The Father (and not me).

There is only One who is worthy of our Worship.  This Father’s Day, give thanks to the Heavenly Father for all that He has given to you out of His love for you, especially His Son, Jesus Christ.  Give honor to your earthly father, too.

P.S.  Thanks, Dad, for raising me well and being a good role model.  You’re awesome!